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Ideathon provide internship for student with thir associated companies:

Ideathon Internship Program Overview

Ideathon Internship Program (IIP) is more akin to a traditional Ideathon placement where students work for three months with our associated companies.

If you are a third year or final year Engineering student interested in preparing for future employment, this introductory level program offers you the right balance of practical and personalized career development.

Our IIP career counsellors will work with you through a series of interactive workshops and individual appointments with our associates to help you understand and identify what’s ahead for you in your career.

Since the majority of applicants are in third second year, IIP is particularly valuable in preparing students to be competitive for opportunities, such as the intensive PAY program.

Student Benefits with IIP:

IIP is a great way to get hands-on experience in your field, get paid, and earn credits toward your degree.

IIP is a structured program with specific requirements for the student and employer.

Develop your skills under the supervision and guidance of experienced professionals.

Use our IIP program as a gateway to explore job opportunities with our associates and corporate partners

Employers prefer candidates with an understanding of organizational contexts and constraints as well as strong communication and teamwork skills. These professional skills are often learned on the job while working in industry. With IIP, you can gain industry experience now and have a leg up on the competition when you graduate!

IIP is designed to enable interns work on live/client projects to give them an opportunity to apply the theoretical knowledge they have gained in the regular class room.

Internship certificate, project Submission and placement guidance:

All the students who successfully complete their projects with Ideathon associates will get an internship certificate from the respective associates.

Students can submit their intern project as academic project at their college. Ideathon will provide all the necessary certificates on success full completion of intern at associated companies.

IIP offers job assistance to interns based on their performance during internship projects. IIP will place the students in associated companies as well as corporate partners

Employer Benefits:

IIP Program links qualified, interested students with employers to fill temporary technical positions.

Employers gain access to recruit, evaluate, and train potential employees while students gain hands on work experiences and credit toward graduation.

Program is here to help ensure that both students and employers have a successful experience

Eligibility of Students:

1. B.E/B Tech/MCA students studying final year or semi final year.

2. Good written & verbal communication and analytical skills.

3. Candidate should have Minimum Consistency of 60 % throughout Academics.

4. Programming experience in C, Core java and Database experience..

Applications Details:

To enrol the interested candidate as individual can send the mails to: intern@ideathon.in

To enrol as the group of students, the representative should send the mail to campus@ideathon.in